Feeling more stupid than usual

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Feeling more stupid than usual

Postby GeorgeW » Fri May 10, 2013 4:13 pm

I've been using Moka pots now for well over forty years and never had one bit of trouble until recently. My 12 cup Moka required a Gasket replacement which wasn't grudged as I'd never replaced it and had used it regularly for time immemorial. Having replaced it I found it no longer worked properly but spurted irregularly rather than the regular ooze of coffee to which I'm accustomed and it also refused to transfer most of the water from the bottom boiler. Tried a another new gasket, a Bialetti one, correct size and fitted perfectly but the same result.
I'm now looking askance at the basket which seems fine to me but now thinking what else can it be as it's not that I've changed anything in terms of grind, heat source or anything else.

Am I going mad...is this a divine punishment for all the abuse I've heaped on the purchasers of shiny equipment over the years? I'm drowning here.
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Re: Feeling more stupid than usual

Postby GreenBean » Sat May 11, 2013 8:31 am

Hi George, that sounds like a real pain. I have no experience with Moka pots so I do not think I can be much help with this problem.

If my understanding of the functioning of a Moka pot is correct then the problem you describe will occur if the gasket is not sealing correctly.

I did a quick google and see that you are not alone in having this problem after changing a gasket. Some people say it takes several brews for the gasket to relax and seal properly. Some seem to have had a replacement gasket which was not quite the same as the old one.

Hopefully, someone with hands on experience will be along soon to give you better advice.

GeorgeW wrote:Am I going mad...

I wouldn't say you were "going", George :D

GeorgeW wrote:...is this a divine punishment for all the abuse I've heaped on the purchasers of shiny equipment over the years?

If it is then it is wholly undeserved. Where would we all be without the abuse you have so kindly heaped on us over the years? :?

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