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Postby GreenBean » Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:18 am

motoman wrote:It is good to know that Bruce is let out of prison at weekends. If you want to follow his rehabilitation progress, his ASBO ankle bracelet is tuned to 21.5 mHz due to the international nature of his crimes. Stealing blue smarties is a heinous act.
Please be kind and contact George to say farewell, he has no idea that Bruce is now stalking him armed with half a kilo of overcooked robusta in a dirty sock.

I expect the pair of them would be far too busy making a brew from the contents of the sock to do each other any damage. I picture them agreeing that the dirty sock added that little something extra that perfectly complemented the overcooked robusta to make a brew indistinguishable from their favourite Monsooned Malabar. :?

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