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Postby Uberwolf » Sun Jul 22, 2007 1:00 pm

I think that these kind of attacks are part and parcel of surfing the Net these days and it is up to the user to protect themselves. If there is any blame to be dished out then it all belongs to the idiots who initiate these attacks. I for one would not hold any sensitive info(cc details, bank a/c no's, ect) on my PC and would always clear my history(+cookies, temp fldr) after making a purchase using my cc on the net. Identity theft we are told is a growing crime so these criminals will use whatever methods they can to get hold of our sensitive info and they are getting better and better at it so we can only try to stay one step ahead of them using sufficient anti-virus/ant-spyware protection and making sure to keep these products up to date. Not holding these details on your hard drive is imo a good idea also as then it cannot be stolen. I realise we all slip from time to time and can be caught out but it is worth it to thwart the attackers as a successful attack can cause all sorts of nasty problems as we have seen(commiserations wogaut).
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