For the attention of non-members

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For the attention of non-members

Postby phil » Wed Jan 05, 2005 2:07 pm

The following is an extract from a TMC newsletter sent out to all members today:

.....However, as the new server is going to be expected to do more than just run TMC, I had to make a number of changes to some of the system software and configuration. Again, most of these changes should have been totally transparent. However you may have noticed the occasional problem with emails, for which I apologise.

I am aware of the following issues that are now resolved:


2. For yesterday and this morning only, emails to the "admin" account at TMC may have been rejected.

I can only apologise if either of the above issues caused you any difficulties.


I am not aware of any other issues. If you know better, please tell me!

I am concerned about point 2 above. I am aware from the mail logs that a number of emails to "admin" did indeed bounce over this period of about 34 hours. This account does receive a lot of spam and other nonsense, but if anyone tried to contact us (perhaps to ask to become a member) please accept our apologies and try again.


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