Pain - mainly in the arse plus a Zombie apocalypse

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Pain - mainly in the arse plus a Zombie apocalypse

Postby motoman » Sat Jul 14, 2018 11:33 am

Having travelled around the world in my youth, living in hot countries and too much sun. I was a little concerned at a couple of minor spots on my forehead that would not heal up and saw my doctor. He looked, tutted, called a colleague and more tutting. He prescribes a course of Efudix, a well know cream that burns cancer cells leaving healthy cells alone. I think I have mentioned before that this sounds as if if was named by a very disgruntled employee.
I applied the cream to my forehead and it burned, (shit it really burned) within 24 hours the tiny spots were red angry blotches and more appearing close by. In a week my forehead, side of face and cheeks were bright red, painful and itching, we are going through a heat wave so the combination of the itch, burning and sweaty nights leaves me totally knackered. Now the fucking red is starting to weep and bits of skin peeling off, I knew this would happen but I never expected to look like a character from a George Romero movie. In a couple of weeks I expect my face to start returning to my usual ugly mug, if you read in the papers that someone is eating brains you can say 'I knew him when he was almost human'. I worry that my medieval village will be surrounded and escapees executed. Please send help and brains to...

Please excuse bad language, words like tutting should only be used after the watershed
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