basic question about blending

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basic question about blending

Postby zahaby » Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:56 pm

Hello :)

I am establishing a small coffee-factory here in Egypt to produce Turkish and Espresso coffee.
I am a very beginner in the field.
I ordered a Toper roaster.

I have some basic questions:
1) what is the recommended blend for a Turkish coffee ?

2) shall I use pre-blend or post-blend process ?

3) in case of using pre-blend, how can you handle different roasting-profiles for different green-beans in the same pre-blended batch ? how can you handle the consistency and avoid over/under roasting for some beans over the others ?

4) does the batch-size (5 kilo , 10 , 30 etc) affect the roast-profile ? does the roast-profile results will be different if I roast 10 or 30 kilos ? is the weight a factor in the roasting-profile ?
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