Cona Standard Model

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Cona Standard Model

Postby MW_SW19 » Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:16 pm

My first vac pot was a yama 8 cup ... ss_product which is similar but cheaper than the hario syphons. They are a predominantly US product as well which is a shame because I really liked it. Because the top half had a nasty (1,000) piece accident not by my hand I went onto a certain auction site and picked up an old Cona standard model.

After a couple of weeks using the cona I am still wishing the yama was still alive. With the glass rod I am getting a few grounds making there way into the pot and also the is a some leakage while from the top into the bottom while the brewing is going on.

I tend to wait for 900ml of water to get to 90deg before adding the top, then wait for all the water to go up and settle down before adding the coffee. Brew for 3 min before letting the coffee drop down. The brew in the top gets very violent during that time though.

One problem I do have is the fact that I am using a electric stove to do the brewing.

The other is I am not convinced that my glass rod is the right one, it weighs 70g is 6"long and 1cm wide at the base. Does anyone know if that's what it's supposed to be please.

Any hints?


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Postby easylife » Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:36 pm

Sounds like you are applying too much heat during the bewing stage - it shouldn't be that violent, and perhaps that is unseating the glass rod causing some of the problems ? There are a number of small butane stoves around that can be used under the stovetop Cona versions, and you might find one of those easier to control than electricity.

There have been several different glass rods over the long lifetime of these brewers.

I think the current standard model shares the same glass rod with all the other current models. The one for mine (it's a table model) is just under 125mm long in total - 70mm of that being below the "mushroom" part, and is 11mm wide at the bottom.Weighs 45gm so sounds quite different from yours.

There's a seller on that auction site who specialises in conas new and antique, and can probably give you some advice - unless that's who you bought it from !
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Postby MW_SW19 » Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:03 am

I was afraid that the stove was a big part of the issue. Because the Yama was a cloth filter I could move it easily between two burners, with the cona I've noticed the slightest movement tends to dislodge the glass rod.

If anyone with a stovetop model could see if there glass rod filter matches mine so I can rule that out as well I would be grateful.

Will be trawling around after the summer to see if I can pick up a cheap camping stove.

Thanks for you help.
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