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Postby BunaBoy » Tue Feb 09, 2010 2:20 pm

Today i have re-ignited my passion for the Cona, and that overall taste of pure coffee. I filled the glass base with almost boiling purified water, stuck on the glass top, inserted the glass plug and loaded it with a fantastic freshly ground Yirg. This I brought up to temp on an ceramic hot plate and left it to do its thing (I didn't stir or anything). Well the result was fabulous and well worth the few minutes wait and I had 2 buzzing cups! Is this because there are no metal parts to contaminate the coffee?? Is the Cona categorised as siphon method or does that only apply to one of those Heath Robinson contraptions??
Anyway I will be trying again tomorrow with some Sidamo - or maybe something else.
Love to hear your experiences.
Bye for Now :wink:
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Postby al_bongo » Wed Feb 10, 2010 12:02 pm

The Cona is a syphon coffee maker. Reckon syphon makers do make a clean full bodied cup and when the grind is right the glass rod filter is excellent easy to clean and wont add anything to the over all brew in terms of unwanted flavour.

Personally favour the Hario/Yama syphons using the cloth filter on a metal holder for repeatable results. Still makes great coffee but not as easy to clean the cloth filter as it is the glass rod.

My issue with the Cona on a gas hob was that the water in the lower globe boiled too vigourously (on the lowest flame) rattling the glass rod and resulting in coffee grinds in the lower globe
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