Excellent americano by accident

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Excellent americano by accident

Postby Sunnyfield » Sun Oct 26, 2003 6:28 pm

LPL doesn't like espressos very much as she feels they are too strong. Truth is that my espressos are not sweet enough, but that is a different subject. So I always make her straight americanos. On Saturday I had 8g of Harrar/Yirg (50/50) left, and had roasted Mexican (from Algerian Coffee Stores) the night before. So she ended up with Mexican/Harrar/Yirg 50/25/25. Much to her (and my) surprise the americano was excellent! Very crisp, yet round and warm. (Brewed at 88C).

Too bad I had none left to try it in an espresso. I will remember this one for the future.
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