Is a Zassenhaus Havanna worth the money for Turkish coffee ?

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Is a Zassenhaus Havanna worth the money for Turkish coffee ?

Postby Ton » Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:02 am

Recently I bought a few cezves and have started brewing Turkish coffee. Because I still don't have a Turkish grinder, I use pre-ground coffee from Mehmet Efendi until now. Although I get very good results with it, I would like to buy a Turkish grinder, to be able to use my own (home roasted) beans.
Now I am wondering if I should buy the Zassenhaus Havanna which is rather expensive or if a cheaper one, like the ones that are offered on eBay for around € 20, would suffice ? In other words, is it worth to pay the extra for a Zassenhaus ?
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RE: Is a Zassenhaus Havanna worth the money for Turkish coff

Postby bruceb » Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:24 am

You have to grind to powder and not all hand grinders can do that. You would have to risk it with one from ebay and if it doesn't grind fine enough resell it. Most Zassenhaus grinders grind better fine than semi-coarse. Check German ebay and buy a used Zassenhaus. There are usually a lot of them to chose from. Good luck.
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