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Today I received my new toy

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 5:48 pm
by Ton
After reading an already old but raving review on CoffeeGeek about the Krups T8 (Moka Brew) I decided to buy one to replace our aged Braun drip machine. It was only very difficult to find one , because they are not sold here in Holland. I could find some online stores in Germany, but these either did not ship abroad, or the shipping was rather high.
Ultimately I ordered one from and received it today, 3 days after I placed the order.
Of course I had to try it immediately and I am impressed. I agree totally with the conclusions on CoffeeGeek. Very tasty coffee, much better than from a drip machine, although not as good as an espresso from my Rancilio Silvia, but that is of course a matter of taste.
Anyone else here that has this machine too ? Anyhow I can recommend this coffeemaker.