Episode the 40th

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Episode the 40th

Postby Tamper Tantrum » Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:11 am

This week—in a special Halloween/HasBean Birthday re-imagining of No. 40, complete with the spooky (somewhat) disembodied voice of Jenn—we are joined by a guest we’ve been trying to get onto the podcast since April this year: an overachiever of the highest degree, holding not one, not two, but three highly-demanding coffee jobs—the one and only Roukiat Delrue. Rouki’s experience growing up in a producing country, partnered with her positions as Q Services Manager with the Coffee Quality Institute and National Bodies Manager for World Coffee Events, gives her a completely unique—and extensive—perspective on all things coffee.

Episode 40 covers everything from coffee auctions to colour conflicts whilst head-judging and from Anacafe to Q updates, with much more in between, as we make the most of our hour with the coffee industry’s most beloved “Rouki-pedia”. We also revisit the head-judge industrial complex, first discussed in No. 23 with Nick Cho, as well as the highly-contested “women in coffee” discussion (which Steve has promised to give up if someone finally invites him out for breakfast) and Steve’s desire for a new cupping form.

Listen here: http://www.tampertantrum.com/episode-the-40th/
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