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CoLab:Prague : Afternoon Panel Q&A

Postby Tamper Tantrum » Mon Oct 12, 2015 10:58 am

CoLab: Prague was host to two extended Q&A panel discussions—a popular feature that hadn’t been seen since the days of WOC Nice in 2013—which always provide additional insight that we wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise!

This week’s video is the afternoon panel from CoLab: Prague with Adam Neubauer, Joanna Alm, and Christopher Hendon. Hosts Steve and Kalle kick off a somewhat free-wheeling discussion, staring with the coffee culture in Prague, taking us through a myriad topics we touched upon but didn’t dig into earlier: the best ways to communicate delays to customers, coffee shots, the popularity (but seeming lack) of batch brew in shops, and why coffee research is a great use of government funding. Also covered: the barista’s tool box, the all-important barista/roaster/farmer feedback loop, why water is still important, blends, sequencing the coffee genome, and ways in which we could continue to strengthen our coffee knowledge as a community (including a large-scale experiment, since started by Chris!).

Watch or listen here: ... oon-panel/
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