CoLab is back! Paris speakers announced (Nov 18)

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CoLab is back! Paris speakers announced (Nov 18)

Postby Tamper Tantrum » Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:52 pm

This November 18th will see the return of Tamper Tantrum to Barista Guild of Europe’s CoLab seminar series, this time hosted in the beautiful city of Paris with the support of FrogFight and SCAE France. Each CoLab program is built around a program of compelling educational content (that’s us!) sandwiched in between two half days on either side to discover the host city’s coffee community and culture.

This year’s second event, like CoLab: Prague, will feature the six speakers below, Q&A, and panel discussions. Tickets for CoLab: Paris—priced at €80.00 for BGE Members (€95.00 for non-members) for all three days’ activities, including Tamper Tantrum—are available directly from BGE’s website.

Tim Wendelboe
Tim Wendelboe | Oslo, Norway

During his eight years with Stockfleth’s in Oslo, Norway, Tim Wendelboe went from shop barista to manager, growing sales as well as the staff’s coffee knowledge at one of Stockfleth’s three shops, to their head of quality and training, running 6 stores together with his friend and colleague Alexander Scheen Jensen. It was during his time at Stockfleth’s that Tim, in 2004, after placing second in the World Barista Championship in both 2001 and 2002, was crowned World Barista Champion. He is also the 2005 World Cup Tasters Champion.

In July 2007, Tim started his own espresso bar, training centre, and micro-roastery at Grünerløkka, in Oslo, called Tim Wendelboe, where he imports, roasts, and sells high quality coffee. The company aims to be among the best roasteries in the world. Although this is not measurable, Tim Wendelboe won the Nordic roaster competition in 2008, 2009 and in 2010. The company currently sells coffee to around 50 cafes and restaurants in Norway and also around the world.

In 2009, Tim wrote and published a book in Norwegian based on his direct trade experience; “Coffee with Tim Wendelboe”, which gives the reader an introduction into how quality coffee is produced, roasted, and brewed, has since been translated into Korean, English, Mandarin and will be available in Japanese shortly.

Tim also published the book ”Finca Tamana” in 2013 about his ongoing work and relationship with the coffee producer Elias Roa and his farm Finca Tamana.

Klaus Thomsen
The Coffee Collective | Copenhagen, Denmark

Klaus Thomsen first picked up a portafilter in 2001 in London. Shortly after returning home to Denmark, Klaus won the Danish Barista Championship in both 2004 (placing 3rd in the 2004 WBC) and 2006, when he went on to win the World Barista Championship.

In 2007, he joined with Peter N. Dupont, Casper E. Rasmussen, and Linus Törsäter to open The Coffee Collective. Now, as both Co-Owner and Director of Sales, Marketing, and Barista Education, Klaus helps to grow the team of/with 30 baristas working at The Coffee Collective’s three shops (Jaegersborggade, Torvehallerne, and Godthåbsvej).

Katie Carguilo
Counter Culture Coffee | Emeryville, USA

Katie Carguilo has spent the past 13 years in coffee first as a barista in DC, then barista trainer and Customer Support Representative for Counter Culture in New York City, and finally as Counter Culture’s Quality Analyst for their roastery in Emeryville, California. She is also the 2012 United States Barista Champion. She prefers cappuccinos to macchiatos, hot dogs to hamburgers, thrift stores to department stores, and guinea pigs to any other furry creature.

Stéphane Cataldi
Caffé Cataldi | Brittany, France

Stephane Cataldi, the roaster behind Caffe Cataldi in Brittany, was born in Alsace to Italian parents 40 years ago—coffee has always been a part of his life, but he really fell in love with it in 2000 and went on to start his own roastery (Caffe Cataldi) in 2009 after 11 years spent in the telco world, making the internet a reality in France.

Cataldi, who started roasting with a Probatino and has since moved up to a Giesen W6, was the first French roaster to put the roasting date on the bag and sell COE in France. He was awarded the “Meilleur Torréfacteur de France” in 2010 and his coffees have since gone on participate, and win, several competitions in France and abroad (1st French Brewer’s Cup 2012; 2nd/3rd French Brewer’s Cup 2012, 2014; 1st Irish Brewer’s Cup 2015; 3rd French Barista Championship 2014).

Every business choice Stephane makes has been and still is driven by quality: since day one, he has only sold specialty coffee and continues to build direct trade relationships with farmers in order to better understand the challenges faced at origin. In 2015, joined by three friends, Stephane opened a roaster/shop in Paris, Hexagone Café.

Morten Münchow
CoffeeMind | Copenhagen, Denmark

Morten Munchow, founder of CoffeeMind, is a man of many hats: as trainer, consultant, and researcher, Morten can be found at the University of Copenhagen, where he is an external lecturer in the department of food science, at the London School of Coffee, where he has taught coffee roasting since 2007, or hard at work with the SCAE Education and Research committees, where he developed SCAE’s roasting certification system.

Morten has conducted research on cappuccino foam chemistry, processing methods, starter cultures, sensory science, roasting defects, behavioural economics of consumer preferences, and roast degree preferences. He has also regularly consulted with a variety of different sized roasteries around the world, from South Africa to South Korea and Iceland to Kuwait and many more in between.

Patrik Rolf Karlsson
Five Elephant | Berlin, Germany

Patrik was born a cold April morning in Gothenburg—he doesn’t remember anything about it, as most of us don’t. He likes milk and people that are dedicated, not in words but with their actions. He grew a beard and got interested in building organisations, starting with coffee, but was disappointed with the lack of dedication in the industry. Patrik shaved his beard, moved to Berlin, and read and watched everything by Malcom Gladwell. Today he is part of the Five Elephant team as head of roastery. He wants to be a part of reshaping the idea of what a modern coffee roastery is.
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