CoLab: Prague : Morning Panel Discussion

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CoLab: Prague : Morning Panel Discussion

Postby Tamper Tantrum » Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:23 pm

CoLab: Prague saw the return of the extended Q&A session to the Tamper Tantrum stage for the first time since the first-ever panels at World of Coffee Nice, 2013. We’re really not sure why there was such a hiatus with this feature—it always provides additional insight that we wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise!

This week’s video is the morning panel from CoLab: Prague with Chahan Yeretzian, Erna Tosberg, and Tibor Varady—Steve and Kalle dig further into their presentations after the barrage of information that was the morning session: where we’ve gone wrong with water profile recommendations, what it’s like to be backstage at the WBC, why some staff leave, and a big follow up on the science of extraction and aroma. Also covered: what it’s like to watch a barista comp from the outside of the competition niche, why baristas should be more humble with their pocket science, a few thoughts on how we could improve competitions, and ways in which we could collaborate as an industry to learn more about how coffee works.

Watch or listen here:
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