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Postby Uberwolf » Thu May 14, 2020 11:48 am

Over the years my milk stretching skills have gone up and down, sometimes every jug of milk I stretch is the best microfoam ever, then I use speciality shops for a while for my coffee fix and when I return to my machine my foaming skills have gone to sh1t. Well this morning I went to open a new carton of milk from the fridge, because it had been stored at the back of the fridge there was a big lump of ice milk in the carton. I poured the usual amount of milk into the jug and started steaming, the result was excellent, I have never produced such perfect microfoam in my life, just a tip for ppl having issues with steaming their milk, leave the carton in the freezer for an hour before use and see what happens. I reckon about 25% of the milk in the carton had turned to ice. Or you could leave the frothing jug with the milk in, in the freezer for 40 mins or so.
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