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So what is "Too Much Coffee"? arose initially from three European people seeing each other's posts on CoffeeGeek and, and starting to chat by email, mostly about coffee of course!

We are now a growing community and information resource for European coffee enthusiasts.

The site is developing continually, and contains coffee and hardware reviews as well as a number of interesting and useful "How To" articles about things as diverse as foaming milk and computer controlled coffee roasting! Our aspiration is to be the European coffee resource, with our own style and emphasis. If you have any ideas for a new review or "How To", then don't hesitate to drop us a line, we're very open to suggestions and submissions.

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Who can join?

We want to be more "European" than most of the other online groups, so in the past we have restricted our membership to European residents. Whilst the identity and focus of the site will always be European in character, now that we are well established, we are willing to grant membership to people who are not resident in Europe.

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How do I join?

To join the community simply click on the 'join' link in the 'Who's Online?' bar on the 'Home' page and enter your details. Please note that the use of a commercial name (or a name related to a commercial website) as a username is not permitted.

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Any rules of the house?

TMC is intended to provide useful content and a friendly open forum for all of its members. The key to all of this is respect: towards the other members and the site itself. Unless you say something that will get us sued, freedom of thought and expression is the name of the game.


TMC is strictly non-commercial. It is funded privately, not by any form of advertising, or commercial sponsorship. It benefits greatly from having a number of members of the coffee trade amongst its membership. They all treat TMC with respect and do not use it as a forum to promote their own businesses.

Please do not use TMC to promote your own or anyone else's business or enterprise, whether in the forum, or by use of the TMC personal message (PM) and email systems for unsolicited messages. We also ask that trade images are not used as avatars or posted on the site, and that business urls do not appear in signature lines.

Advertising a private item for sale on the forum is a wholly different matter. Offering fellow TMC'ers the chance to purchase unwanted kit is not unusual and most people with items for sale check for interest on the forum before resorting to ebay.

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What are the benefits of membership?

1. The ability to post in all forums except "Site Announcements".
2. Access to the Members' Clubroom
3. Access to new features such as the member's Wiki.

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Once I've joined, is there any particular protocol for new members?

One thing we do like new members to do, is to place a short post in the "Members' Clubroom" telling other members who they are and a little bit about themselves. We find that knowing a little bit about each other fosters a good sense of community, which is an important part of what TMC is about. Whilst this is by no means compulsory, we do hope that you will want to say "hello" to all of your new found friends.

Just a little reminder too. If the email address you used when registering for TMC membership changes at any time, please remember to update us by informing the admin team of your new details.

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I'm trying to send a private message - it appears in my "outbox" but never moves to my "sent" box. Have I missed out a step, or is this not operational at the moment ?

No, everything is operational and you haven't done anything wrong.

Messages move from "outbox" to "sent" when the recipient reads it, unlike the behaviour with email clients.

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Is there a way of changing the colours on the site?

Not currently, but this feature may be added at some time in the future.

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Is it possible to change username?

Yes it is. Just contact the admin team at stating your current username and preferred new name. However, it is worth thinking carefully before making a change as other members may not be able to readily identify you from your new name.

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Which box do I fill in to list my equipment?

In the forum screen, you will see a 'profile' option in the menu at the top of the page, in which there is a 'signature' box where people often list their equipment. Don't forget to click the 'save' button before exiting in order to retain your entries.

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How do I add a new Blog to the aggregator?

In order to be considered for inclusion the blog must primarily be about coffee and the way coffee as a profession or hobby impacts on the blogger's life.
If you think your blog or the blog you are recommending meets these criteria then please send an email to

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How do I create an avatar?

Select the ‘Forum’ option from the main vertical menu on the left of the screen. Once in the forum page select ‘Profile’ from the horizontal menu under the TMC banner at the top of the screen. Scroll down to the ‘Avatar Control Panel’ from where you can upload an avatar image from your computer with the maximum size 80x80 pixels and 6KB. Don’t forget to scroll down and select ‘Submit’ when you have finished. You can use any number of software packages to pre-size your images. There is a tutorial in the Members’ Clubroom for a free image manipulation utility called ‘Irfanview’.

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Could you tell me how to change my password please, I don't seem to be able to find the page?

After signing in, select the ‘Forum’ tab from the main vertical menu on the left of the TMC page. Look for the horizontal menu above the forum thread areas, and select ‘Profile’. Select the large ‘Change Your PostNuke Profile’ button near the top left of the page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the ‘Password’ option. Enter your new password in the two boxes and press the ‘Save Changes’ button beneath it.

If you are unable to login because you have lost your password navigate to: where you will be able to change your password.

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